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Alyssa kae**

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[September 4th]

what happens when you like someone so much. you just dont know what to do anymore. this is the only guy i've ever hestitated to do anything with. its so hard, and yet so easy at the same time. i know he truly deeply cares for me. he does tell me. but at the same time. sometimes i just dont believe him for mor reasons then you even know. our frienship is one of a kind, some people care to disagree, some care to agree. what i feel for him, is something i've never felt for someone so much in my life. yeahh i've had quite a few flings, crushes lil side things, but never like this. it comes and goes all the time. when i finally think im over him like that. it starts up again, and i have no control. my heart tells me one thing. but the rest tells me another. i know the way some of my friends feel, and its hard. and i know how some of his friends are, hes changed so much from the first day i ever met him. i dont want to hurt anyone, by the things i do. in the end, i always have an enemy when it comes to this situation. and i dont want that at all.  the one thing that people do or dont understand is he lies about a lot of things at times, so you never know whats really going on. i mean ususally i dont ever believe him, cuz i know when hes lying. but at the back of my mind, i just want to let that all go, and believe him, cuz i truly dont care. when i talk to him, thats all that matters, im important enough for him to talk to but then again only when it suits him. point. im there 24/7 everyday for him, if he ever needed it, but i cant ever say the same. yes i mean if i do get a hold of him or whatnot, he'll say hes there, but really only when its convient to him. && i dont kno what to do. a part of me wants to let go so badly, move one with someone that cares about me all the time, and not just when its convient for them, who will love me for no cost, and just to be with me for no reason at all, being who i am... but the other part says to stay close and wait. but he wont. and i think thats what hurts the most.



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[August 26th]
its been haha a very very long time since i've updated this thiingy. but a lot of people are, so why not. school starts in two days! ahh im excited but nervous and scared at the same time. i dont wanna get my hopes up, if i may not be able to handle it agaiin. i've been through so much this last year, and its woken me up, i've learned that without my friends i would prolly never had made it, especially kacey. thank you for everything, i dont think you will ever know how much it means to me, all you did for me. i just wanna thank you for being there, and being the best friend everrr! iloveyouu <3.

so im in love with this song :: secret love by jojo. omg its like the perfect song to show people how i feel its amaziing. <3

but yeahh. thats all i have to say right now.

06-07 schedule

Englishh 11 - boros
college alg. 2 - williams
government - hegenauer
skill center

lemme know if we have stuff together <3
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[May 4th]
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THiS J0URNAL iS ; L0CKED Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.comC0MMENT T0 BE ADDED Image hosted by Photobucket.comAND T0 STAY 0N THEE LiST.
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[February 6th]
[ mood | HEHE ]

I told him i would give him a special journal entry so here you go:


wow, your 18 now.. Dont we all remember when you were a baby.. haha..lol..i dont but you kno what i mean! THe last year or two, you've changed a lot, and you kno you do. We've became closer as friends, and im really glad i had the chance to be your friend! your a Great person, who deserves a lot in life! jUst think in like Two months you'll be graduated and you'll be gettin MARRIED!!! haah.. and my present will come in handy..haha.. but i just want you to kno,. Im here for you forever and ever! and i hope you HAVE The bEST BIRTHDAY EVeR!!


***alyssa kae***

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[January 19th]

Next Semester Classes**

(new classes in REd )

English- Mrs. Hyde

Computer Applications- Mrs. Bishop

Biology- Mrs. Hoyt-Winans

Espanol- Senorita Kasic

Algebra- Mr.Butters

Health- Mrs. Pickens

 but im trying to switch Computer Applications w/ Bishop to Mr. Wiegnant! so i can be w/ Testie, and peoples!!




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